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2Peaz Art Collective

I have been a member of 2Peaz art collective for 5 years with Sharon Fortowsky. We make art in the form of installations, performance, kitchen cooking projects and mixed media.

As two women over fifty we feel we often are brushed off as “hobbyists” and not taken seriously. 18-20 years ago when we were raising young children we faced the same challenge for different reasons, all of them had to do with our domestic roles, predominantly held by women, which still hold true today. In fact covid19 has hurt women the most in terms of domestic work and respect for domestic work. In our practice we use food and domestic duty to subvert the mainstream attitude that we are somehow just Sunday painters. Developing a platform to show our body of work allows the private domestic space to move into the public political space. This allows the invisible to become visible and is part of our artistic social practice.

Previous to the lock down in March 2020 we were on a monthly schedule with the Calgary Farmers Market to work on and present our collage art recipe cards at a table within the market space. We made many contacts through this non traditional venue for art exhibition.

2Peas looks forward to the art space at the Calgary Farmers' Market when it reopens for use.

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